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Feature Articles

THE BUSINESS REVIEW - Do It for Yourself!

by: John Ablett

Business Sense  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

A good business strategy includes a business review. /read more

EFFICIENCY and the REALTOR Technologically Speaking

by: Marilyn Jones

Industry Perspective  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

How are REALTORS making the most of technology to provide more efficient customer service? ./read more

Energy efficiency and sustainable living in condominiums

by: Luba Fillipoff

Condo to Condo  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

A living concept to nurture our world and decrease urban sprawl. ./read more

Feng Shui for the holidays

by: Debra Ford

Feng Shui Zone   |   Issue #2   |   November 25, 2005

Make your holidays a time for reflection, not a time to be stressed. ./read more

Real Estate UNPLUGGED: the emergence of energy efficient homes and condos

by: Krista Goheen

Feature Story  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

There are many incentives to live in an energy efficient home - both for your pocketbook and for the environment. ./read more

Spy on your Building

by: David Hamilton

Building Well-Being  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

Analysis for energy efficiency made easier by data logging... ./read more

You and your credit score

by: Sherry Jenkins

Mortgage Merit  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

Applying for mortgages can actually decrease your credit score - but there is a solution. ./read more

Resource-wise gardening

by: Barbara Kam

Garden Path  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

Careful placement of perenniels, shrubs and trees can reduce water waste and muffle noise pollution. ./read more

Real estate developers thrive in a healthy market

by: David Parker

Parker Place  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

Location, design and price are major factors to consider as a developer. ./read more

Staging for Success

by: Sandra Young

Designer’s Notebook  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

Changes in furniture placement, paint and even music can help your home sell faster! ./read more